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Cluster Headaches

Daniel Radcliffe Derita Sakit Langka

Daniel Radcliffe

           Daniel Radcliffe menderita penyakit yang jarang dialami orang lain yang dikenal dengan nama cluster headaches atau sakit kepala cluster. Bintang film 'Harry Potter itu terpaksa membatalkan sejumlah kontrak awal tahun ini, ketika rasa sakitnya semakin parah dan harus mendapatkan perawatan medis. Dia didiagnosa mengalami sebuah kondisi yang menyebabkan rasa sakit yang hebat di sebagian kepala dan diperkirakan hanya satu persen orang dari populasi dunia yang menderita jenis penyakit itu. "Aku sedang mengalami penyakit aneh ini yang disebut 'cluster headaches'. Penyakit ini sangat jarang terjadi, tapi ini sangat menyakitkan,"kutip Daily Express dari penjelasan Daniel kepada Independent. "Penyakit itu membuat migrain tampak seperti penyakit biasa. Awalnya aku pikir fisikku sangat lemah sehingga mudah terserang penyakit. Aku minum 12 obat penghilang rasa sakit setiap harinya, tapi kenapa aku masih saja merasakan pusing di kepalaku," tambahnya.

Cluster Headaches

Cluster headache is far less common than migraine headache or tension headache. Cluster headaches begin far more dramatically, however, and remain quite unique in their course over time.
As the name suggests, the cluster headache exhibits a clustering of painful attacks over a period of many weeks. The pain of a cluster headache peaks in about 5 minutes and may last for an hour. Someone with a cluster headache may get several headaches a day for weeks at a time - perhaps months - usually interrupted by a pain-free period of variable length.
In contrast to people with migraine headache, perhaps 5-8 times as many men as women have cluster headache. Most people get their first cluster headache at age 25 years, although they may experience their first attacks in their teens to early 50s.
You can get 2 types of cluster headache:
  • Episodic: This type is more common. You may have 2 or 3 headaches a day for about 2 months and not experience another headache for a year. The pattern then will repeat itself. 

  • Chronic: The chronic type behaves similarly but, unfortunately, you get no period of untreated sustained relief.

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  1. Unfortunately my Cluster headaches have been a bit different. My Name is John Fletcher, I guess that I should start with my condensed short story of suffering with Cluster Headaches......
    They started for me when I was 16 years old and I am 52 now and will be 53 in a couple of weeks I can remember the first few weeks of when they started as I was rolling around on the floor screaming in pain, my right eye closing and watering and my nose stuffing up and my mother and father not having a clue what was wrong with me? The thing was they never let up pretty much daily for the next 15 years. My parents had every kind of doctor there was look at me and it took years before they figured out that i had Cluster Headaches! I used to get on the average of 15 headaches a day from when I was 16 till i was 30 and then I had a 3 or 4 year remission. Now they are seasonal, coming on around April and lasting until Oct. It also seems that the older I get the more intense the pain is??? I am at the point right now that I just went through a 2 1/2 month stretch with no sleep because the headaches would wake me every 10 to 15 minutes last about 20 to 40 minutes depending on if i could get to my oxygen in time. Then I was so scared to sleep anyway that I just stayed awake and was just passing out at my computer and the headaches would wake me from that too!. I was getting 25+ headaches per day mostly at night and i gained a bunch of bodily fluid (Water) and it affected my entire body and I ended up in the hospital for a week with serious complications. I have had complications the same or similar to this my whole headache life but never this severe. My doctor has been giving me topiramate 200mg daily with no real help but has had some affect. after the hospital he doubled
    the dose to 400mg and WOW!! It is really starting to help!! I have to say that in all these years my friends it is the best results I have ever had from any medication EVER!! I am still recovering from this last 2 1/2 month killer period i went through but i'm doing better and with the new dosage of the topiramate i have been having about 7 or 8 headaches a day! which is far better than 20+!! I hope this condensed short story may help someone out there and bring someone some relief....Sincerely John Fletcher.